Hello All,

It has now been a couple months since the football season finished – I bet we are all missing it, and cannot wait to get the through the Christmas period and get back.

Over the off season thus far we have had our AGM where we had a new inclusion to the executive committee in Mel Sullivan taking over in the VP Admin role for 2016/2017 seasons. We are very excited as Mel was on the general committee in 2015 and contributed a lot of great ideas and initiatives for future growth and development of the club.

Mark Collard and Julie Johnstone will continue in their roles for 2016 as VP football and register and I am positive they will once again serve in their roles in the manner they left off in the 2015 season.

At the 2015 AGM the roles of President, Secretary and Treasurer were left vacant with no nominations put forward. Bert Andrews was kind enough to step into the role of President as a caretaker, which was a very kind gesture, and shows his commitment to this club – even after putting a lot of years into the role, he was willing to step in to help.

On conclusion of the AGM the committee has met a number of times to fill the above roles and to also boost up our numbers for the general committee positions. On Wednesday 18 November 2016, the current committee has met and validated these roles for 2016.

It is with great delight that I now announce the following positions to lead our club at committee level for 2016 –

President – Michael Buller

VP Admin – Mel Sullivan

VP Football – Mark Collard

Secretary – Belinda Rickard – a well accomplished team manager in the past who has a wealth of committee experience. Belinda has been at the club for a couple years now with both her sons.

Treasurer – Liesel Bertrand – who has a wealth of knowledge in the area and been involved in the banking profession for many years. Liesel has been at the club for a number of years with her three sons playing at the club.

Registrar – Julie Johnstone

General –

Cindy Langston

Michael Carter

Bert Andrews

Anna Mangano

Susie Knee

With all the executive roles now filled there is still some room for additional general committee to join and help make the above positions easier and smoother. If you could help in anyway please approach a member of the committee to highlight your interest.

I sincerely thank these people for putting their hands up in a voluntary role to lead the club to bigger and better things. Majority of this list have players in the younger ages so are ready to help the club for many years to great things.

I personally look forward to the challenges ahead to make the Narre South Lions football netball club a place where players and their families can be proud to be a part of, where the kids are the number one priority to develop and play the game of football in a fun enjoyable environment.

I have been involved in junior sport for many years in a coaching capacity (Auskick and club level) starting at another club and have been three years at the Narre South lions. I am all about the players and making sure they have a safe environment to learn, develop and have fun. I have also been involved at committee level at both executive and general capacity throughout my involvements. I prefer to discuss issues than let them rest to gain a resolution than someone sit back and get frustrated and the matter not get fixed or get annoyed at information that is incorrectly portrayed. I would ask all members to approach me or any other committee member and discuss issues – they can then be discussed at committee level to get a fair and reasonable outcome, and use our energy to support our players.

Over the next couple weeks there is still a lot happening around the place with the commencement of the summer program this coming Wednesday 25 November – which will be great for players to sharpen and progress their skills coming into the 2016 season. This year the program will step up a little more from its beginning in the last off season – The numbers have grown and it is great that the club can give this opportunity to its players again with this year the players receiving a training singlet to wear with pride.

Most of the coaches for 2016 have been appointed. I congratulate and thank them for stepping up and look forward to them progressing our players to another level in 2016. The remaining positions to be filled include our under 17 group where we are currently in discussion with Cranbourne senior club and placing feedback from interested parties within the group. Mark and I are making this our number priority to find a suitable candidate with the aim to get the position filled in time to commence pre-season very soon. Our other two groups to still be filled are an under 13 and an under 10 group which we are hoping to fill prior to the years end. I would ask if any interested person could contact either myself or Mark to discuss, especially any involved in these groups. If we cannot find candidates from within we may need to look outside the club which is not our preferred option.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the whole Narre South Football community for their time and dedication to their Childs sport, I look forward in my new role to working with the current committee and all our loyal devoted supporters and parents in 2016 and beyond.

“GO lions”

Kind regards,

Michael Buller

President – Football Club

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